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Multi-benefit prep spray protects from damage and breakage caused from blow drying and heat styling tools. Provides thermal protection from tools up to 428°F (220°C) degrees. Detangles, adds moisture and leaves hair feeling soft, moveable and touchable with great shine.
Spray liberally throughout wet or damp hair.

Comb through and style.
Natural Oils are the top ally for fighting frizz, nourishing and adding moisture and shine. Our unique oil blend in Smooth’n; Moringa Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil and powerful Shea Butter are nutrient rich and each are renowned for centuries for their tremendous soothing, moisturizing, healing and shine enhancing benefits.

Moringa Oil
Comes from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree, native to the Himalayas. The healing properties have been documented dating back to ancient Egyptian times. This natural oil contains powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals. It penetrates easily and deeply, delivering vital nutrients to the hair and scalp. Moringa Oil’s rejuvenating benefits help retain moisture and assists in creating stronger and healthier hair. Regular use helps reduce split ends and alleviate symptoms caused by scalp conditions.

Safflower 011
Derived from the Safflower seed, this nourishing, lightweight oil is rich in Oleic Acid, known for its powerful antioxidant benefits. Safflower Oil is an exceptional moisturizer, a great shine enhancer and beneficial in protecting the hair from outside stresses.

Abyssinian Oil
Crambe Abyssinica is native to the Mediterranean and Eastern Africa. Its unique molecular structure is not found in any other naturally occurring oil. It produces a natural radiant luster and glides onto the surface forming a light continuous lipid layer that lubricates and protects the hair from friction and damage. Abyssinian Oil is easily absorbed, helps detangle and lock in moisture creating noticeably smoother hair without greasiness.

Olive Oil
From the fruit of Olea Europaea; a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean, this high performing light-weight emollient penetrates deep into the hair making it a stellar moisturizer. Anti-inflammatory properties promote scalp health. Olive Oil is also rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, an antioxidant important for scalp and hair health.

Shea Butter
Comes from the Shea-Karite tree nut, a native tree found in the tropics of East and West Africa. It contains a high level of fatty acids, known to restore the natural lipid barrier for extraordinary moisturizing properties and shine. Shea Butter conditions the hair and leaves a luxurious feeling of soft, moveable and touchable hair.

Based in Certified Organic Aloe Vera with vital nutrients and essential amino acids. Delivers moisture and legendry rejuvenation benefits for optimum scalp and hair health.

Soy Protein increases moisture retention and nourishes the outer layer of the cuticle to decrease frizz.

Soybean Phospholipids, proven to elongate curls over time by adhering to the hair fiber and surrounding it with a protective layer that smoothes hair from root to tip. These phospholipids help fight frizz by sealing the cuticle and locking out humidity. Provides an ultra-soft moisturized feeling after the first shampoo.

Marshmallow Root Extract helps to soften the hair naturally and provides shine. Helps to soothe dry itchy scalp.

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