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No one said your hair color had to be the shade you were born with, or that color had to be done just to tone and cover greys! Why not play with the new Davines Alchemic Creative Conditioners? Available in five shades, they are formulated with direct pigments which will deposit on a level 8 or above, leaving hair shiny and soft thanks to carefully considered ingredients like jojoba oil. Check out the back of this sheet for facts and tips on how to use our new favorite fashion colors- we cannot wait to see your creativity at play!

Features & Benefits:

Each can be used on its own, diluted or mixed and matched with other colors in the assortment for infinite and personalized color results.

The direct pigments will gradually wash out of the hair with each shampoo, with results dependent on its porosity.

The formula is 98% biodegradable and packaged in recycled plastic jars, using labels made from renewable sources.

The packaging of this product is carbon neutral.

The direct pigments in these products may stain hands. We recommend using gloves when applying the product.

If your client wants to speed up the removal, a professional bleaching service will be needed. You will need to apply a bleach* wash using room temperature bleach + water + shampoo at 1:1:1 ratio, checking the process visually. A strand test is always recommended.

*Although all bleaching powders will work, for best results we recommend using The Century of Light Progress, as it contains Hair Protective Booster making it ideal for protecting the hair from structural damage.

Before applying, we recommend a strand test. When you’re ready for action, apply to shampooed, towel-dried or dry hair, ensuring complete saturation. The quantity of product needed varies depending on hair length, porosity and the desired result. Results will vary depending on starting level, hair porosity and processing time.
Process for up to 20 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.
We recommend introducing clients to their new favorite color in-salon, and maintained with applications at home.

Same as in-salon use. If you only want to maintain a color, you can leave the product on for a shorter processing time (5-8 minutes).

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